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LiUNA Local 183

"A proud daughter of a LiUNA Local 183 member, Ana is one of our own. Like so many of us, Toronto was not her first home. Her family saw the opportunity Canada could offer if you work hard. Like a labourer, she worked hard to become a city councillor, deputy mayor, has been a tireless advocate for housing, never forgetting where she came from.

When LiUNA needed her help, she was there to lead the way, getting the City to recognize LiUNA like they did with the other trades for decades. 

What an honour it would be to have the daughter of one of our own as the next Mayor of Toronto. Ana will do amazing things for this city and LiUNA will be standing with her every step of the way."

Jack Oliveira
Business Manager, LiUNA Local 183

Carpenters Union Local 27

"So proud to have Ana come out to one of our major job sites this morning. Ana's father was a construction worker; She knows what it's like to get out every single day and be building a city and working hard. 

So many things happening - we have the most cranes in all of North America - but our city also has challenges. Ana is a strong advocate for working people in our city. She's a leader, and she's one of us."

Mike Yorke
President, Carpenters Union Local 27

Labour Organizations

CUPE Local 416 with Ana Bailão

CUPE Local 416

"Ana’s values, experience and commitment to both front-line services, and the residents that rely on them, are second to none!

Through her hard work and dedication, we have seen firsthand how Ana’s passion and tireless efforts to advance affordable housing has had a positive impact on tenants and workers in TCHC.

When the campaign begins on April 3rd, we will proudly be supporting
Ana Bailão in becoming Toronto’s new Mayor."

Eddie Mariconda
President, Toronto Civic Employees’ Union – Local 416

LiUNA Local 506

LiUNA Local 506

"Ana has a long track record of fighting for workers, for fair wages, and for our members. Our 8,000 members want services to be fixed and they want housing to be built so life can be more affordable. We know Ana is the right candidate to lead our city.”

Carmen Principato
Business Manager, LiUNA Local 506

CUPE Local 79 Members with Ana Bailão

CUPE Local 79

"CUPE Local 79’s over 25,000 members provide health, social service, recreation, care and safety services for all of Toronto. Our work makes Toronto run and we're proud to take care of residents across our city every day.

Today, joined by my Executive Team, I was pleased to endorse Ana Bailão to be the next Mayor of Toronto. For over a decade on Council, Ana, like out members, has taken care of Toronto and she has always had the backs of labour. One of Ana’s first jobs in this city was working to keep it clean, something I, and many others are so proud to have done as cleaners. She will fix services, build housing and serve Toronto proudly as our next Mayor.

We need your help in getting Ana elected and every member can play a role in this campaign. Let’s bring it home for Ana and ensure that on June 26th, she is the next Mayor of our City."

Casey Barnett
President, CUPE Local 79

UNITE HERE Local 75 with Ana Bailão


"As the largest hospitality union representing over 7,000 hotel, food service and gaming workers in Toronto, UNITE HERE Local 75 is proud to endorse Ana Bailão for Mayor of Toronto.

Ana has always supported our efforts to build good jobs in the hospitality industry – jobs that include fair wages, decent benefits, workload protection, job security and dignity at work.

Ana shares our vision to continue to raise the standard of living for hospitality workers by supporting responsible development which can provide economic stability with jobs one can raise a family on, and jobs one can build a community around.”

Guled Warsame
President, UNITE HERE Local 75

Members of Parliament (MP)

MP Gary Anandasangaree with Ana Bailão

MP Gary Anandasangaree

"I have joined Ana speaking with residents in their homes, in community centres, and in places of worship across the city and it’s clear she’s ready to roll up her sleeves and deliver for Scarborough and for Toronto starting on day one. Ana has a plan to fix services like the TTC--to restore service, to make it cleaner, safer, and more reliable and I am proud to be Co-Chairing her campaign for Mayor here in Scarborough.”

Gary Anandasangaree
Member of Parliament, Scarborough-Rouge Park

Ana Bailão with MP Julie Dzerowicz

MP Julie Dzerowicz

I have known Ana for decades and worked closely with her representing our shared constituents in Davenport for many years. She has always been driven to make life better for the residents in our community, and our city. Ana is the best person to lead our city through economic recovery, through a housing crisis, and through an affordability crisis.”

Julie Dzerowicz
Member of Parliament, Davenport
Read the News Release

James Maloney with Ana Bailão

MP James Maloney

“I’ve known Ana for years and I served with her on Toronto City Council.  I’m confident she’s the right person for the job. Toronto needs an experienced leader who can get things done for people in every corner of our city. Ana has the experience and the plan to fix services, build housing, and make life more affordable for residents here in Etobicoke and across Toronto.”

James Maloney
Member of Parliament, Etobicoke-Lakeshore
Read the News Release

MP Salma Zahid with Ana Bailão

MP Salma Zahid

"Ana and I worked together closely to build affordable housing for residents in Scarborough when she was Chair of Planning and Housing and I am looking forward to Co-Chairing her campaign for Mayor in Scarborough. Ana is the best candidate to make more progress on housing and to make life more affordable for residents in Scarborough and across Toronto.”

Salma Zahid
Member of Parliament, Scarborough Centre

City Councillors

Councillors Moise, Ainslie and Carroll with Ana Bailão

Councillor Paul Ainslie

"I'm supporting Ana Bailão for Toronto's next Mayor! Our City is at a turning point! We need steady, experienced leadership to make sure we come out of the pandemic as strong as possible -- Ana is the leader we all need!"

Councillor Paul Ainslie
Ward 24 - Scarborough-Guildwood

Councillor Shelley Carroll with Ana Bailão

Councillor Shelley Carroll

"Having worked together for 12 years on housing and protecting city services, I strongly believe that Ana Bailão is the leader Toronto needs now."

Councillor Shelley Carroll
Ward 17 - Don Valley North


Councillor Nick Mantas

"I am delighted to endorse Ana in her campaign to be the next Mayor of Toronto. I worked with Ana on Council and in government for many years before that to deliver for residents in Scarborough. As our City faces tremendous budget challenges, and residents struggle with affordability, Ana is the candidate with the experience and support to work with other governments, to fix services and build homes while making life more affordable in our City."

Councillor Nick Mantas
Ward 22 - Scarborough-Agincourt

Councillor Chris Moise with Ana Bailão

Councillor Chris Moise

"The person who is our next Mayor must be a consensus-builder and a city-builder in order to work with Toronto's Councillors and deliver better services, more affordable housing, reliable transit, and infrastructure we can depend on. Ana Bailão has the right vision, experience, and values to do that and lead Toronto forward."

Councillor Chris Moise
Ward 13 - Toronto Centre
Read Councillor Moise's Full Endorsement

Ana Bailão with James Pasternak

Councillor James Pasternak

“It is an honour and pleasure to formally and enthusiastically endorse Ana Bailão for Mayor of the City of Toronto. I have known and worked with Ana for 12 years on Council. I am convinced that she is the most qualified candidate to lead our city. The City of Toronto government is a complex organization and Ana won’t need training or transition, she will start on day one helping us navigate and solve the problems that we face. She has served as deputy mayor, has chaired one of most important standing committees and can work with Councillors of all political stripes to make smart choices for our great city.”

Councillor James Pasternak
Ward 6 - York Centre

Previous Mayors

Art Eggleton with with Ana Bailão

Art Eggleton

"I have known Ana and have worked with her for many years and I am confident she is exactly what our city needs as we move forward. She has a plan to restore our city’s services like the TTC so every resident in every corner of Toronto can rely on public transit again.”

Art Eggleton
59th Mayor of Toronto (1980-1991) [Longest serving]


Barbara Hall with Ana Bailão

Barbara Hall

"I’ve known Ana for many years and am excited to be supporting her campaign. I am supporting Ana because she is the only candidate running who is capable of addressing the housing crisis head-on to make sure residents won’t be pushed out of the city, and can build their lives here.”

Barbara Hall
61st Mayor of Toronto (1994-1997)