Apr 11, 2023 11:18:00 AM | Mayor Ana Bailão continues the call to bring cell service to the TTC


TORONTO - (April 11, 2023) This morning, speaking outside of Rogers’ Bloor Street Headquarters, Ana Bailão spoke about Rogers’ announcement to bring 9-1-1 and cell service to the TTC. 

Cell service on the city’s transit system has been an issue for nearly ten years, but it’s never gotten as much attention as it has in the last six weeks. Ana was the first mayoral candidate to raise this important issue, and has been raising it since February.

Bailao said, “I won't be shy, I raised this and pushed this. Many told me this wasn’t important but I know how important this is to Torontonians.” She added “the fight isn’t over yet. We need to make sure that this service is available to all residents in our subway system. I will keep fighting for this.”

Bailao thanked Deputy Mayor McKelvie and City Council, Toronto residents, and media for their support leading to the announcement from Rogers.

Bell and Telus have worked together with Rogers in Montreal, and Bailao said that she fully expects they’ll do the same in Toronto. Yet their announcement yesterday was not clear enough on this. 

Bailao said that we have to keep the pressure on Rogers, Telus, and Bell, to work together and do this quickly, “public officials, the media, everyone, needs to keep the pressure up. It’s the only way to make these big telcos do what’s right.” 

Bailao reaffirmed her commitment that as Mayor, she will do everything in her power to get this done faster, and to make sure all providers are working together.