Apr 17, 2023 7:45:00 AM | Toronto Ana Bailão Strongly Opposes Reducing Representation in Toronto


TORONTO - (April 17, 2023) Ana Bailão rejects the recommendations of the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission for Ontario to reduce the number of ridings in Toronto from 25 to 24 - which, if adopted by the province, could eventually mean one fewer Councillor at City Hall. 

The proposal to reduce representation in Toronto by the Commission ignores the economic and cultural significance of Canada’s largest and most diverse city. 

Speaking to this issue, Ana said “It would significantly impact local representation if the Federal Electoral Boundaries Commission’s proposal were to be finalized, and then adopted by the province. We’ve seen firsthand the significant pressure that reducing representation can have on governments since Toronto’s City Council was halved. Our city is growing and needs more resources and representation, not less.”

If federal ridings are reduced in Toronto, Ana calls on the provincial government to retain 25 ridings in Toronto including Don Valley East. As is the case in Northern Ontario, there is precedent for the provincial government to recognize ridings distinct from the federal government. 

Don Valley East is a distinct riding and diverse community that needs its own municipal, provincial, and federal representation. To accommodate the diverse needs of our city’s vibrant neighbourhoods, we need adequate representation from people who understand the unique needs of their local community.