Apr 6, 2023 10:45:00 AM | Toronto Ana Bailão Supports Smart Solution for Ontario Place

Toronto - (April 6, 2023) Today, Ana Bailão, joined by municipal leader Shelley Carroll, announced that if elected Mayor she would fully support relocating the Ontario Science Centre to Ontario Place, freeing up the City-owned land the Science Centre is on today, to build thousands of new homes.
As Mayor, Ana would approve using the City-owned land the Science Centre is on to build 5,000 new homes - including 1,500 affordable homes. By building new homes here, residents would be able to live close to where they work with access to transit on the Ontario Line and Eglinton Crosstown.
At a time when services need to be fixed, safety needs to be addressed, and housing needs to be built, spending $500 million of taxpayer dollars to subsidize a private spa is the wrong thing to do. There is only one taxpayer and right now they are paying more and getting less in Toronto.
Bailao reaffirmed that she is well-equipped to deliver on her commitment to make life more affordable for Torontonians.
“This is a smart solution for Ontario Place. I have a strong 12-year track record as Deputy Mayor and City Councillor championing housing across the city. To accelerate progress on housing we need to be bold and innovative. I have the experience and the plan to deliver.”
Bailao said that relocating the Science Centre to Ontario Place is a solution that would help deliver on the City and the province’s shared commitment to build more housing while making sure Ontario Place is accessible for all Torontonians.
Voicing her support, municipal leader Shelley Carroll said “I join Ana in supporting this solution for Ontario Place. This would keep the waterfront accessible for all our residents, while addressing the housing crisis.”
This proposal to relocate the Ontario Science Centre was first brought to the table during the Province’s extensive community consultations with the previous government, but was never pursued. If the Ford government approved this plan, Ana would approve using the existing land the Science Centre is on now to build housing.

Ana is running with a plan to fix services, build housing, and make life more affordable for residents. Ana has the experience to deliver on her vision for a better Toronto. She has a proven track record and will work with City Councillors, with other governments, and with community leaders to fix services, without making life more expensive. 

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