May 9, 2023 11:28:07 AM | Bailão Will Make Sure Toronto Gets Tough on Traffic With Non-Stop Rush Hour Ticket and Tow


TORONTO (May 9, 2023) As your Mayor, Ana Bailão will make sure Toronto gets tough on traffic with non-stop rush hour ticketing and towing.

This morning, Bailão delivered her second announcement on common sense measures to fight traffic in Toronto. With Toronto commuters trapped in chaos and gridlock that will get worse as Toronto expands transit, Ana will take immediate action as Mayor to:

  • Get tough on rush hour ticketing and towing
    by making the successful blitzes permanent and city-wide, and increasing enforcement with twenty tow trucks ready to tow lane blockers ASAP. No excuses, no exceptions, Torontonians can’t afford to wait and we need to keep our streets moving safely.

  • Increase the fines for vehicles caught blocking lanes or parking illegally, penalties which haven’t been increased in a decade.

  • Automate enforcement of tickets for drivers who “block the box” - keeping everyone from legally being able to move through intersections. Ana would direct staff to deploy technology like red light cameras to nab vehicles blocking the box, and support ongoing efforts to significantly increase ticket costs for this bad behaviour and improve safety.
Additionally, Ana will support the expansion of the City’s successful traffic agents program and better coordinate their efforts at rush hour to get traffic moving.

“The 99% of Torontonians who follow the rules behind the wheel shouldn’t be stuck in gridlock, looking for parking, and trapped in intersections, because some drivers refuse to follow the rules,” said Bailão. “These common sense measures will help get traffic moving in Toronto.”

Ana Bailão is the only mayoral candidate who recognizes we have to keep the city moving safely for everyone whether they are walking, cycling, driving or riding transit.

“We have to make life easier for everyone who lives in our city and that will be my focus when it comes to traffic and every other aspect of City Hall,” said Bailão.