Mar 30, 2023 3:15:00 PM | Toronto Bailão Would Cut Telco Contracts until TTC has Mobile Service


Toronto - (March 30, 2023) Toronto residents need cell service on the TTC now. If elected Mayor, I will move City cell phone contracts with Bell, Telus and Rogers to companies that offer reliable mobile service on the TTC. City contracts with the three major telcos come to over $30 million in business

This morning, Council will consider a request to the TTC to use reserve funds to address safety. While this is a necessary measure, there is more that can be done today. We need mobile service across our transit system and we needed it yesterday. TTC riders shouldn’t have to hold their breath and wait for their train to go above ground to use TTC safety apps and text-a-tip lines.

The issues we are seeing on the TTC are public safety issues. If Rogers is seriously “committed to being part of the solution” they will take action today. Telecom companies don’t get to decide if there’s mobile service on the TTC, elected officials do. 

I am also calling on the TTC CEO to be part of the solution. In recent years transit service has been cut, employees have been reduced, fares have increased, and mobile service hasn’t materialized. Torontonians are paying more, and getting less. 

If we are going to bring riders back to our transit system, we need leadership. We need to make sure the TTC is safe, reliable, clean, and convenient. That means reversing transit cuts, hiring more employees to be eyes and ears on platforms and in stations, and most immediately, making sure we have mobile service across our transit system.

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