May 23, 2023 12:00:23 PM | Toronto Bold Reforms to Build More Homes


TORONTO - (May 23, 2023) This morning, Ana Bailão announced more details on her housing plan with planning reforms that will create more housing options for Toronto residents. 

As Mayor, Ana will lead a Mayor’s initiative to incentivize intensification, including “missing middle” housing of medium scale that meets needs between condos and single-family homes. To accomplish this she will champion planning, zoning, and land use reforms including:

  • Legalizing walk-up apartments on secondary transit routes across Toronto;
  • Upzoning avenues to be “as of right” for 8 to 12 storeys;
  • Relaxing “Shadow Guidelines” which have, for too long, arbitrarily increased the cost of building in Toronto, and reduced the number of units that could be built; 
  • Introduce “Rental Zoning” to ensure that there are sites zoned exclusively for rental;
  • Prioritize approvals for development applications that include rental homes; and
  • Reduce office replacement requirements when buildings are demolished or converted in exchange for affordable housing. 


With multiplexes across Toronto, walk-up apartments on secondary transit routes, and upzoning on avenues these changes will help build many types of “missing middle” homes in neighbourhoods. All of these changes would be implemented by working closely with local Councillors and communities to preserve neighbourhood connectivity and create more housing options.

Speaking to her plan, Ana said “Toronto has become a city of 80 storey towers and single-family homes, with nothing in between. We need more housing options so that workers, seniors, and families aren’t pushed outside of Toronto to find housing options within reach. As Mayor, I will champion planning reforms that will urgently address the housing crisis to build 285,000 new homes, including 57,000 purpose-built rental, and will protect renters and homeowners today.”