May 20, 2023 5:12:33 PM | 2023 By-Election Ana Bailão Will Deliver Better Transit for Scarborough

TORONTO - (May 20, 2023) Today, Ana Bailão celebrated the opening of her Scarborough campaign office and announced support for Scarborough transit riders. Ana was joined by hundreds of supporters, and several of her endorsers including local Councillors Nick Mantas and Paul Ainslie, and her Scarborough campaign Co-Chair MP Salma Zahid.
At the event, Ana announced that as Mayor she would:
  • Deliver the Eglinton East LRT connecting Kennedy with Sheppard-McCowan Station, Malvern Town Centre, and University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.
  • Reduce single ride fares on the SRT replacement bus to $2 until the BRT route is constructed; 
  • Fund and accelerate the design of the BRT, to replace the Scarborough SRT; and
  • Secure a deal from the provincial and federal governments for the Scarborough BRT.
As a Councillor, and as Deputy Mayor, Ana has been a consistent champion for getting the best possible transit for Scarborough residents. She is proud to have voted in favour of the Scarborough subway - a service many Toronto residents already have access to in neighborhoods across the city. This announcement is in addition to her commitment earlier this week to accelerate Bike Share expansion in Scarborough, including across the Waterfront Trail.
Speaking about her plan Ana said, “Scarborough expects and deserves better from their city - better services and better housing to make life more affordable. I will secure a fair deal from the provincial and the federal governments to deliver a comprehensive transit network for Scarborough residents.” Ana has the track-record and the relationships with other levels of government to deliver transit for Scarborough. 
Ana is proud to have endorsements from Councillors Mantas, Ainslie, Carroll, and Moise as well as from elected MP James Maloney and Scarborough campaign Co-Chairs, MP Gary Anandasangaree and MP Salma Zahid. This is in addition to endorsements from former Toronto Mayors Art Eggleton and Barbara Hall. Ana also has support of business and community leaders, unions, workers, and residents in every corner of Toronto.