May 19, 2023 10:41:56 AM | Toronto Improving Access to the Toronto Islands for Families

TORONTO - (May 19, 2023) This morning, ahead of the long weekend, Ana Bailão announced her plan to make the Toronto Islands more accessible for all Torontonians. 

From long lines for payment, to a lack of easily accessible transportation - the Island needs to be more accessible for people across Toronto which is why, as Mayor, Ana will:
  • Make the Ferries to the Toronto Islands free for riders under 12 years of age when accompanied by an adult, including school groups;
  • Bring Bike Share to the Toronto Islands so residents and visitors can access it; and
  • Push Metrolinx to expand Presto Pass to the Islands so transit riders can more easily access the Island.
Each of these measures will make the Islands more accessible for young people and families from across Toronto.
Speaking to these measures Ana said “I want children and families from every corner of our city to be able to easily access our waterfront and enjoy the Toronto Islands. By making the ferry free for kids, bringing Bike Share to the Island, and upgrading payment systems to be part of the Presto Pass TTC system, we’re improving accessibility of our City’s greatest assets.”
This builds on Ana Bailão's announcements earlier this week that she will fast-track Bike Share’s expansion to the suburbs and across the Waterfront Trail, and will prioritize splash pad, playground, and sports field upgrades and construction in every corner of the city - making life better and more affordable for families and residents across Toronto.