May 11, 2023 11:41:03 AM | Ana Bailão Bailão Announces Plan to Make Streets Safer for Kids


TORONTO - (May 11, 2023) Speaking from a school safety zone on Clinton Street, Ana Bailão announced her plan to make streets safer for kids and protect transit riders. As Mayor, she will:

  • Pilot brand new technology with red light cameras in school safety zones to reduce the speed of drivers and protect kids and families. These cameras, currently in use in Montreal, are by default red, and only turn green for drivers who are driving going at or below the speed limit.
  • Increase and automate enforcement of steep penalties for drivers who illegally pass TTC streetcars while riders are getting off using existing external cameras on streetcars

As Mayor Ana will direct City Staff and the TTC to work better together to implement these measures to protect kids and transit riders and make streets safer. She will also support expanding advanced pedestrian crossings at intersections that need it most. 

Ana will be allocating $1 million to pilot the new red light camera technology, working closely with local Councillors and communities in areas where they’re most needed. 

Speaking about her plan, Ana said “Parents shouldn’t be worried about their children getting hurt walking or taking a streetcar to and from school. Drivers need to slow down, and be held accountable for putting lives at risk. These are common sense measures that will keep kids safe.”