May 26, 2023 9:34:05 AM | Toronto Island Protecting Toronto's Island Airport


TORONTO - (May 26, 2023) This morning, Ana Bailão announced that as Mayor she would protect the Toronto Island Airport and its future so it can continue to contribute to the economic growth and development of Toronto, and particularly the downtown which continues to struggle to recover. 

Ana announced that as Mayor, she would:

  • Preserve the Toronto Island Airport and support it’s growth and development;
  • Work with Transport Canada and the Toronto Port Authority to explore new revenue tools for the City of Toronto. This revenue would be invested into fixing our city services - like transit, roads, and public parks; and
  • Support the adoption of alternate fuels and new aviation technologies necessary to achieving federal net-zero aircraft emissions targets.

The next Mayor needs to be able to negotiate a fair deal for Toronto at every opportunity, including with the Island Airport.

Candidate Olivia Chow has, on multiple occasions, advocated to boycott the Island Airport and to shut it down. She has also been endorsed by Gil Penalosa - who campaigned on closing the airport at the end of the current agreement.

Toronto needs the Island Airport for tourism, for business, for jobs, and for our economy. Comprehensively documented in a recent report by Richard Florida, “Billy Bishop contributed an estimated $3 billion to Toronto’s economy” in 2022 and is projected to “grow to nearly $4.8 billion by 2025.” The report also confirmed the airport is responsible for “21,000 jobs in 2022 and more than 32,000 jobs by 2025.”

An anti-airport, anti-business Mayor threatens all of the progress that has been made. Ana Bailão is the only candidate who will protect the airport and fight for jobs and economic prosperity everywhere in Toronto. She will help build up the airport while others will try to close it.

Speaking to her support for the airport, Ana said “The Toronto Island Airport supports good local jobs, attracts tourism, and makes travel easy and convenient for the 2.8 million travelers who pass through its doors every year. I support the airport - it will help ensure we continue to be the country’s economic engine - and as Mayor, I would ensure it continues to be a success for the good of our residents and businesses.”