May 4, 2023 10:25:39 AM | Toronto Ana Bailão Announces Support for Scarborough Transit Riders


TORONTO - (May 4, 2023) This morning, speaking alongside Councillors Chris Moise and Nick Mantas, Ana Bailão made the following statement to support transit riders in Scarborough:

“I support building a dedicated bus route where the Scarborough SRT currently is.

As a Councillor, and as Deputy Mayor, I have been a consistent champion for Scarborough residents who rely on transit. I am proud to have voted in favour of the Scarborough subway - a service many Toronto residents already have access to in neighborhoods across the city.

Scarborough residents need fast, reliable and convenient transit service. While this project is a provincial responsibility, Scarborough residents can’t afford to wait. That is why, as Mayor, I will have the City immediately fund the preliminary work needed to transform the SRT into a dedicated bus route, while continuing efforts to secure funding from the province.

At a time when our City is facing historic budget challenges, I am the only candidate in this election who has a track record of securing billions in investment from other governments, and the relationships to be able to secure a fair deal for Toronto.

I am focused this election on ensuring services like the TTC are safe, reliable, clean, and convenient. That is why I was the first candidate to talk about bringing cell service across the transit system. I will reverse all transit cuts - which disproportionately impact Scarborough - I will hire more staff, expand security camera coverage, increase cleaning schedules, and will make sure transit riders can finally tap to pay for transit fares.” - Ana Bailão