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Services. Housing. Affordability.

Services in Toronto aren’t working. And, like everywhere else, Toronto is facing an affordability crisis. People are paying more than ever, but getting less.

I have a plan to fix services, build housing, and make life more affordable.

Provincial Highways

Provincial Highways

The majority of Toronto residents do not use the DVP and Gardiner everyday, and yet we are the only ones who pay for them. We pay to the tune of a quarter of a billion dollars every year for maintenance, upkeep and to operate these highways while core city services continue to deteriorate. None of the municipalities around us are expected to pay for highways, but Toronto taxpayers are.

I will make sure the Government of Ontario, not Toronto, takes responsibility for these Highways again, like they were until the 90s. Every cent we currently spend on these highways will be redirected to fixing services for our residents. Residents expect, deserve, and can have better from the city, and I will make it happen.

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My Housing Plan will make life better and more affordable by putting people first, building homes, and getting City Hall moving.

I will take action to urgently build more homes, create pathways out of homelessness, and protect residents and renters who have homes today. 

I have a track record of securing billions in investments from the provincial and federal governments for housing in Toronto. I am the only candidate with the support, the experience, and the plan to work with the provincial and the federal government to build homes and support residents. 

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Public Safety

Public Safety

I have a plan for safer subways, safer streets, and a safer future. My plan includes hiring more TTC staff, reversing transit cuts, increasing cleaning schedules and expanding security camera footage across the TTC. I am also proposing mobile mental health clinics, and expanding the Toronto Community Crisis Service to cover the entire city. 

In the longer-term, I would bring better open data collection, advocating for bail reform, and for protection for transit workers. I support the ongoing work of Toronto Police in coordination with community partners and public health.

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Food Security Announcement

Food Security

Record numbers of Torontonians rely on food banks as an essential service. I’ve announced five measures to support food banks and address food insecurity in our city.

  1. Invest $2 million more in organizations that support equity-deserving communities, and set up a new funding stream for food security programs.
  2. Provide food banks with vacant city space so they can lower their costs.
  3. Transform more underutilized green spaces into community gardens with community partners.
  4. Connect national grocery chains with community food organizations and push them to donate rather than discard food.
  5. Launch an annual Food Drive from the Office of the Mayor.
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Healthy Seniors

Healthy Seniors

We need to improve services and make life better for seniors in our city, so they can age at home with dignity. I will introduce the Neighbourhood Program for Healthy Seniors to bring healthcare directly to them, at home, in the communities where they live. 

This is about giving 70,000 seniors living in 500 buildings across the city, the concerned neighbour and care they may not otherwise have. With the pandemic ending, I will have the 600 incredibly impactful Vaccine Ambassadors, which are fully-funded by the province and already working in these communities, provide door-to-door health and wellness checks to seniors. On-site mobile health clinics will identify health challenges and refer individuals to appropriate follow-up services. Finally, food hampers will be provided for those most in need. 

This $23.5 million program will save our healthcare system millions of dollars every year by taking pressure off of the healthcare system, and will make life better for seniors in every corner of our city.


Alleviating Traffic

Alleviating traffic is the number one pain point for all commuters. I have outlined some common sense measures to fight traffic, increase safety and get Toronto moving again:

  • Rush hour: Get tough on ticketing and towing & increase fines
  • Increase fines for those blocking flow of traffic in an intersection
  • Pilot new technology in school safety zones with lights that only turn green when drivers are at or below the speed limit to protect kids.
  • Increase and automate penalties for drivers who pass TTC streetcars when riders are getting on or off.
  • Reduce fares to $2 for a single rides on the 501 streetcar and the Scarborough SRT until reroutes and BRT construction is complete.
  • Prohibit lane closures on Richmond, Adelaide, and Dundas between Bay and Victoria until the Ontario Line construction is complete.
  • Extend construction schedules downtown and on the TTC to expedite and complete work ahead of schedule
  • Implement steep penalties for construction debris leftover more than 24 hours post completion.

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Arts Announcement

Arts & Culture

I have a vision to expand access to arts and culture for residents and equitably support arts and cultural communities in every corner of Toronto. My plan  expands things like the Toronto Public Library’s Museum & Arts Pass to give more kids and families access to borrow free passes to local museums, art galleries and cultural events, just as they would borrow library materials. My plan also supports artists and cultural communities to ensure Toronto remains a vibrant international artistic and cultural hub.

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Recreation & the Outdoors

Recreation & the Outdoors

Toronto needs to be a place where people can live, work and play. To help families enjoy our parks and our waterfront regardless of where they live in Toronto, I will be making the ferry to Toronto Islands free for riders under 12 years of age and negotiate with Metrolinx so riders (over 12) can pay with Presto to take the ferry to go to the Toronto Islands. I will also accelerate improvements to playgrounds, splash pads and Sport Fields in every corner of our city. Finally, I will speed up the  expansion of Bike Share to the furthest east and west on the waterfront trail, to the Toronto Islands, in the Etobicoke hydro corridor park; and also increase the number of stations across Scarborough, and North York. This is about making life better and more affordable for all residents.

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Ontario Place

Ontario Place

I announced my support for a proposal that would bring the Ontario Science Centre to Ontario Place. The provincial government has announced they will be moving forward with this and have been working on it for some time. 

As Mayor, I would approve building 5,000 new homes - including 1,500 affordable homes - where the Ontario Science Centre parking lot and lands outside of the ravine are currently located. The beloved heritage building the Science Centre is currently in, needs to be maintained and used to serve the community, after consulting with local residents.

We need to be building housing near transit, and bringing services to residents.

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TTC Cell Service Outside Rogers

TTC Cell Service

I am running with a plan to make sure services like the TTC are safe, reliable, clean, and convenient. In February, I was the first candidate to talk about the need to bring cell service across the TTC.

Over the last two months public pressure on Canada’s major telcos to step up and finally bring wifi to the TTC has increased. Finally, this month, Rogers announced they will be bringing service to the TTC. But the fight isn’t over yet. We need to make sure that all Torontonians have cell service on the TTC as soon as possible.

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